Have a question about the game? Here are some common questions and answers. If you still can't find what you're looking for, get in touch using the contact form or on twitter or facebook

Is the game free?

The first 20 levels of PIXEL-PUSHER are free. If you are enjoying the game and want to unlock the rest of the levels, there is an in app purchase to unlock all the other levels (currently 80 more, 100 levels in total with more coming soon for free for paid users)

Are there any in app purchases?

The only in app purchase is to unlock the full game. Besides that, there is nothing else, and never will be. Once bought, there is no "energy", "gems" or other similar nonsense

What devices does the game work on?

The game works on any iPhone that runs iOS6 and higher. Unfortunately iOS5 and below are not supported at this time

I'm stuck on a level! How can I pass it?

All levels are tested to make sure they are passable. If you're absolutely stuck, why not try looking for a solution on youtube for a video or ask for help on twitter using the hashtag #PIXELPUSHER

Does the game need an internet connection?

Nope, it doesn't require an internet connection (excpet for the in app purchase that unlocks the full game).

Are you doing any evil tracking of me?

The app sends back basic analitical data to our server (letting us know when someone has installed the game), but that's it. It's completely anonymous , all it says is "someone installed the app". For more information check out the privacy page

What's you favouite animal?

Hmmm, probably the majestic narwhal